Mr. Banks

In Vancouver, the weather was particularly nasty one day. A bit of rain and very high winds were blowing the people all over the place as they walked on the sidewalks. Almost everyone was having trouble holding onto their umbrellas.

I walked into my local credit union, folded up my battered umbrella and made my way up to the front teller. I opened with, "Good Mary Poppins weather, eh?"

The teller immediately smiled and said that the movie was his all-time favorite.

As I did my banking task, we spoke about the actors and the characters in the film; Dick van Dyke, Julie Andrews, the kids, and the parents. I asked if he could recall what the father did for an occupation, and we chuckled there at the front counter since almost everyone knows that the father was a British banker. Not only that, but his name was Mr. Banks.



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